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How does venture debt work with equity?

When it comes to early stage start-up financing, there are many options available. From equity financing to venture lending and lines of credit, it can be difficult to know what financing tools are available and how they can work together.

We’ve written a lot about venture debt use cases and terms, but how does venture debt fit into the bigger financing picture? How does it compare to other financing options, like a convertible note or working capital line of credit? How does venture debt work alongside your equity financing? What is the relationship between your venture lender and your VCs? And how do you know which tool to use when?

Saas financing: equity vs debt vs MRR line

Stephanie Opdam from Notion and Daniel Bull from Columbia Lake Partners have teamed up to answer these questions and more. Learn to select the right financing options for your business, how to negotiate terms, and pick the brains of two industry experts.

If you are a SaaS business with >$50k MRR join Daniel and Steph for a financing workshop on June 25th. Tickets are limited.

To get up to speed on adding more tools to your start-up financing toolbox, here are some great resources to take a look at: